Reclaimed Enterprises seeks to unlock the potential in buildings and materials that have been deemed obsolete.

We leverage the innate beauty of reclaimed materials and the power of design and partnership to bring our clients striking reclaimed materials and products, while promoting the deconstruction of buildings and diversion of waste and downcycling. We share the past so our clients can build a sustainable, beautiful future.

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By connecting our clients to unique materials, proprietary products, and design/build/installation resources we are able to create unforgettable pieces and spaces for our clients, and even help them to save hard to find materials from the landfill. Whether their vision requiress unique materials to transform a space, solutions to make a space more functional, handmade/custom furniture, or the full or partial deconstruction of a property, we work with our clients and partners make their vision a reality.


Our materials originate from various sources including blighted housing, dilapidated commercial buildings and barns, waste trees, and the transportation and packaging industries, to name a few. We are happy to sell these materials at quantities large and small, and find something new with every new project or source. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can help. Better yet, stop by our showroom, warehouse, and workshop...we will give you a tour.

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We enjoy building new things from old and incorporating natural materials, including live edge slabs, into our designs. We marry our clients' needs, with unique reclaimed materials and a fresh perspective. We have a few pieces that have become favorites, but we are often designing and building something new and one-of-a-kind. Contact us or stop by the design studio and shop...maybe the next piece will be yours.

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Material driven design isn't just for furniture and fixtures. We often work with customers, designers, developers, architects, and contractors to set the tone for the whole space. Our materials are perfect for accents, features, and can even be the inspiration for the entire design. Our experience, imagination, and collaborative spirit often leads to something unexpected. We have helped our clients take material from blighted property to final installation and finishing, and everything in between. If you need a collaborator with expertise using reclaimed materials Reclaimed Enterprises can help.

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